The genesis of any great design is purity of vision. VANNA timepieces have become known for the intention in all of their designs. We strive to make sure every line and curve on all of our watches have been designed with intention.

In creating our next timepiece, we wanted to elevate every VANNA hallmark. Linea, Latin for “Line,” stays true to its name in both form and function. Linea builds upon VANNA’s established design language while taking everything to the next level.

To find out more about how Linea took shape, we went right to the source, our Founder and CEO Anna, for insights into what inspired her newest creation. 

Can you think of the moment you first saw Linea take shape in your mind?

“Actually, Linea started as a completely different watch. I was going back and forth between wanting to create something either entirely asymmetrical or entirely symmetrical. In the end, symmetry won. As I started sketching I got completely carried away with making Linea as uniform and as linear as possible. Part of our design process is having 3D printed examples made. As soon as I held the final design, with its perfectly aligned edges I knew it was finally where I wanted it to be. In a way, Linea is an extension of the ideas that helped form Geminus but takes these ideas to a completely different place by removing every bit of roundedness to the design. You’ll see this design is completely focused and intentional. Almost entrancingly so.”

Where does Linea fit into the VANNA vision?

“Linea is all about making a statement. It has an undeniably bold look. Of course, I wanted to preserve a connection with the rest of the VANNA collections so you’ll see elements pulled from other pieces like Umbra’s floating dial design and Nebula/Luna’s link straps. All these elements are taken up a notch with Linea. It’s a completely elevated interpretation of VANNA’s established design DNA”

What was the hardest part of the design?

“Bringing a design to life is so challenging because of the amount of engineering that goes into making those original design dreams a physical reality. Not only do we have to ensure the original design is faithfully interpreted, but we also have very high standards for comfort and durability. Making all those different elements work in harmony is extremely challenging. Our engineering team really made some miracles happen with Linea.”

What do you want people to think when they first see Linea?

“I want people to want to reach out and touch it as if it were a beautiful shell you might find on a beach. Linea is something you need to see in person to appreciate fully. It’s a very tactile experience. Running your fingers along its complex link strap that’s perfectly aligned with the watch case is really a treat. It’s a watch you want to hold and examine as much as you want to wear.” 

Just as with all VANNA timepieces, Linea features natural gemstone dials, making each watch truly unique. We’re excited to introduce a striking new blue Mother of Pearl dial as well. Linea also features Swiss movement which are renowned for their precision and craftsmanship. Captivating the eye with its mesmerizing linearity, Linea was designed as an ode to nature’s most beautiful patterns. With Linea, seeing truly is believing.