Umbra VANNA watches

Umbra, VANNA’s genesis. Our original watch design, inspired by a rare natural phenomenon. When the New Moon appears in front of the Sun a mystical shadow is cast upon earth, the darkest part of which is known as the umbra. Here, we find beauty in obscuration. Celestial bodies dancing together to create a single mesmerizing moment in time. Umbra captures this essence.

Eclipse VANNA watches

Few things have entranced humanity for as many millennia as much as a partial solar eclipse. We look to the sky as a phenomenon beyond our wildest dreams takes shape. We’ve designed Eclipse to capture that magic, that expanding moment where time seems to stop and you’re aware of our place in the universe.

Nebula VANNA watches

Celebrating the boundless possibilities of the cosmos, Nebula takes its name from the large clouds of gas and dust that inhabit the universe. As if by magic they rise and fall in the limitlessness of space, refracting light in ways never imagined. Now we bring you your very own personal nebula on your wrist, allowing time and imagination to combine as one.

Luna VANNA watches

Claude Debussy’s entrancing “Clair De Lune” has been captivating listeners for centuries. We bring this enthralling energy to your wrist in the Luna collection. A simple link strap repeats like ripples on a calm lake, while a bright geometric face recalls the moon on a clear night - here they dance together like moonlight on water.

Claire VANNA watches

Born as a compliment to the Luna collection, Claire strikes its own unique note of serenity with its smooth, understated design. Gentle curves and delicate details lead the eyes on a journey as they wrap around Claire’s perfectly round face. Latin for clear and bright, Claire shines as your own magical moon.

Geminus VANNA watches

Vintage meets modern. Symmetry meets asymmetry. Geminus was born to be unique. A stunning face where two different natural gemstones work together to create intrigue through contrast. Bold yet compact, Geminus manifests balance through its carefully-considered proportions and uncompromising commitment to individuality.

Linea VANNA watches

The human gaze is instinctively drawn to repetition and symmetry. Captivating the eye with its mesmerizing linearity, Linea was designed as an ode to nature’s most beautiful patterns. An almost impossibly-intricate link bracelet is paired with natural gemstone dials to create a timepiece, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Linea, Latin for “line,” perfectly fuses watch with bracelet. Here, seeing truly is believing.

Amare VANNA watches

Love can take many forms. In Amare you’ll find VANNA’s interpretation of love; a timepiece that embraces both geometry and curvature. Here an elegant link bracelet embraces a uniquely rounded face. Latin for “to love,” Amare forges new stylistic ground as a tribute to love eternal.


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