The Unique DNA

A beautiful balance between timepiece and jewelry. Unconventional and luxe. To covet, to inspire, to spark anew, VANNA embodies sophisticated minimalism and bold creativity. It’s all in the details. Distinctive designs pushing conventions.

VANNA watchThe Inspiration

Each collection has its own personality but shares unified characteristics. Inspired by the natural phenomena of the universe, high-quality metals are mixed with bold-hued dials and natural gemstones to bring an artistic touch to your wrist. A one-of-a-kind piece to stand out from the crowd.

The Story

Always appreciating subtle beauty and noticing the unique but often overlooked details, Anna was moved to create a brand that embodied that spirit. Living in Los Angeles and surrounded by so much artistry and diversity, she was inspired to create a brand that represents the modern female – original, daring and brave.


An exceptional style statement at an affordable cost, VANNA is designed from the ground up. The complex visions are brought to life with the collaboration of a technical engineering team out of Switzerland.

"VANNA is proud to empower women as the only watch brand to be woman owned, designed and manufactured." - Anna V.

The Future


VANNA has just begun. As the universe is vast and endless so is our vision. New shapes will continue to take form and find their rightful place onto your wrist.