Unique DNA

A singular moment. An idea set free by a sudden spark of imagination. Extraordinary forms take shape in a universe free from the constraints of convention. VANNA’s avant-garde approach to design was born of the cosmos. Minimal, sophisticated, luxe. All hewn from authentic materials with every detail carefully considered.

The Inspiration

Contrast. Creativity. Continuity. All VANNA watches share unique DNA: real gemstones and high-quality metals converge through exquisite craftsmanship to create opulent works of art for your wrist. Each piece a statement all its own while remaining instantly recognizable as a member of the VANNA family.


The Story

We are inspired by the spirit of the modern woman - original, daring, independent. The woman of today owns her own time. VANNA blazes a unique path by fusing the concepts of jewelry and timepiece into an entirely new creation. In doing so, we’re disrupting the watch-making industry’s historically male-focused approach to design. Each piece is a testament to passion and progress - our founder’s visions are brought to life through the collaboration of a technical engineering team out of Switzerland.
“Femininity is not static - it’s ever-evolving; flourishing when it has the right foundation to authentically express itself. I created VANNA as a manifestation of female empowerment. We are proud to be the only watch brand to be woman-owned, designed, and manufactured. Our journey is just beginning and we’re so excited to have you with us.” - Anna Vardanyan (Designer, Founder and CEO)

VANNA watches founder and CEO Anna Vardanyan

The Promise

Quality, meet accessibility. Accessibility, meet quality. VANNA’s honest pricing brings luxurious materials and meticulous construction to your wrist at attainable pricing because we sell directly to you - no middleman markup, no fuss. Honesty is more than just a virtue; at VANNA it’s a means of empowerment.


The Future

VANNA is an ever-expanding universe where "what’s next" is always on our minds. As new shapes take form, we’ll bring them directly to you. Welcome to the celestial world of VANNA.