Meet Claire - a fresh take on classic - VANNA

Meet Claire - a fresh take on classic

What makes a classic? Sophisticated simplicity? Authentic materials? A timeless aesthetic? Claire's got all of those qualities and more. 

Inspired by Claude Debussy's captivating opus Clair De Lune, Claire's design is built around the principles of calm chicness. Claire is a watch unlike any other. Pure in both form and function. A treasure to hold and behold.

Let's take a look at all the details that make Claire so charming…

An embraceable face - A perfectly round face is cradled by two sensuously curving arms of metal that expertly flow into Claire's link strap. 

An exquisite strap - A custom-designed link strap is both delicate and robust at the same time; its svelte appearance only enhancing Claire's ability to blur the line between watch and jewelry.

Beautiful detailing - Completing Claire's beautiful composition is an embossed VANNA logo on the crown and an etched design on its case back. Everywhere you look on this watch, there's something new to discover and love.

Perfectly encapsulating VANNA's ethos of melding watch with jewelry, Claire is a sight for sore (and not so sore) eyes.