Meet Nebula - beautiful nonconformity - VANNA

Meet Nebula - beautiful nonconformity

 Think conformity is boring? Well, Nebula thinks so too.

A watch named after the entrancing interstellar clouds of gas and dust, Nebula will keep your eyes dancing over its every detail. As individual as you, Nebula elevates the art of keeping time.

As unique as you are - Nebula’s face design is unlike anything ever seen before in the watch world. Imagination flows freely through every curve of Nebula’s face - rising and falling in a perfect symphony of ebb and flow. Its genuine natural gemstone dials, each with its own distinct patterning ensure that no two Nebula are ever alike.

Let’s look at the details - A gorgeous metallic VANNA logo floats at the 12 o’clock position. Custom-designed front glass covers Nebula's unique face. Case and strap flow together seamlessly. Yes, as in all VANNA watches the details were sweated.

Band together - In contrast with Nebula’s freeform face you’ll find a geometric link strap - the perfect partner to the rest of the watch’s unconventional shape. A bit of beautiful yin and yang. 

Ignoring limits and pushing boundaries has never looked this good. With VANNA’s Nebula watch you’ll always stand out for all the right reasons.