Lovely Lapis Lazuli - VANNA

Lovely Lapis Lazuli

We search far and wide to find the most interesting, meaningful gemstones. Let's explore why we love Lapis Lazuli so much.

This textured blue gemstone has been known for centuries to represent and attract wisdom, intellect, truth, and courage. It can certainly be said that Lapis Lazuli is a good gemstone to have on your side (or on your wrist).

In our watches, we’ve paired the cool tones of the blue Lapis Lazuli with sleek stainless steel to highlight and enhance the gemstone’s icy cobalt richness. Plus, every piece of real gemstone used in VANNA watches is 100% genuine which means each piece is 100% unique making for a truly one-of-a-kind watch.

Wearing a Lapis Lazuli watch is a great way to add a striking and unique pop of color to any outfit. Its bold coloring is sure to brighten any day and attract all the right things. What will your piece of Lapis Lazuli look like? Only one way to find out…