Marvelous Mother of Pearl - VANNA

Marvelous Mother of Pearl

We’ve always found inspiration in the natural world. In both our designs and the material we choose to include in our watches. It’s safe to say we’ve been enamored of Mother of Pearl from the beginning. This unique gemstone is featured in many VANNA watches, and for very good reason.

Mother of Pearl is found in the lining of some of the ocean’s most beautiful shells. In our watches, this beautiful gemstone pairs perfectly with our meticulous detailing and complimentary metals that each bring out the best in every piece of Mother of Pearl used.

Beyond looking beautiful, Mother of Pearl is said to bring protection and calm to whoever wears it. We always like something that’s more than just a pretty face.

White Mother of Pearl - Soothingly iridescent white pearl conjures up images of freshly fallen snow or the shimmering reflections of ripples on the ocean. This tranquil gemstone delights in its soft, ethereal qualities.

Blue Mother of Pearl - The newest addition to the VANNA gemstone family, this variation builds off white Mother of Pearl’s beauty with its subtle but distinct blue hue. Here you’ll find yourself thinking of the soothing blue waters of the Caribbean or a crystal clear sky on a summer’s day.

No matter which version of Mother of Pearl you choose for your VANNA watch, you’ll be getting a completely unique piece of genuine gemstone, making your watch truly one of a kind.