Stunning Sandstone - VANNA

Stunning Sandstone

Find celestial inspiration from the depths of the earth with a shimmering sandstone watch from VANNA.

Sandstone is a sedentary rock primarily made up of silicate grains - these tiny grains of quartz and feldspar embody sandstone with its trademark glint. Each movement of the wrist creates a new pattern of refraction, mesmerizing the eye is its subtle brilliance.

Beyond its inherent beauty, sandstone is known as the stone of creativity. It’s also been said to lead to more positive thinking and to bring partners closer together. All wonderful things to have on your side and easy to take with you when it’s incorporated into your watch.

A constellation of stars for your wrist, a sandstone VANNA watch will bring a bit of wonder and creativity to your every day. Of course, like all of our genuine gemstones, every piece of sandstone used in our watches is entirely unique - just like how you’ll never see the same exact night sky.