• Meet Luna - Inspired tranquility
    Meet Luna - Inspired tranquility - VANNA

    With its meticulously-crafted geometric form, Luna is a calming piece of poetry for your wrist. Inspired by Debussy’s masterpiece Clair de Lune, this is a watch unlike any other. Let’s...
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  • Let's talk metal
    Let's talk metal - VANNA

    When selecting a watch you have many different things to consider. A foundational part of a watch’s style is the metal it’s made from and plays a big role in...
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  • Swiss Movements
    Swiss Movements - VANNA

    Renown throughout the watch world for their unfailing commitment to precision and craftsmanship, Swiss movements represent the pinnacle of timekeeping movements. The Swiss have been known for their watchmaking skills...
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  • Elevate your office style
    Elevate your office style - VANNA

    They always say you should dress for success and of course, the perfect outfit isn’t complete without the perfect watch. Not only will a watch keep you punctual, but it...
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  • Meet Nebula - beautiful nonconformity
    Meet Nebula - beautiful nonconformity - VANNA

     Think conformity is boring? Well, Nebula thinks so too. A watch named after the entrancing interstellar clouds of gas and dust, Nebula will keep your eyes dancing over its every...
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  • All about Tiger's Eye
    All about Tiger's Eye - VANNA

    Can you see a roar? Let the world know your strength with a stunning Tiger’s Eye VANNA watch. Each one subtle reminder of your inner power, bravery, and courage. What’s...
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  • Meet Umbra - the one that started it all
    Meet Umbra - the one that started it all - VANNA

    You have to begin somewhere right? Umbra is our beginning.  In nature, an umbra refers to the part of the shadow of a solar eclipse where the moon completely blocks...
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  • Introducing the VANNA blog
    Introducing the VANNA blog - VANNA

    Hi! We’re VANNA. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We’re so happy to introduce the VANNA Blog - a place where we can connect with you, the VANNA family, and...
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