• Personality match
    Personality match - VANNA

    Can a watch have a personality? We say yes! Your watch can be the perfect way to express your own personality as well. Every VANNA watch collection has its own...
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  • Sleek Silver
    Sleek Silver - VANNA

    Silver’s legendary versatility makes it a must-have in any fashionable person’s accessory list. Not only does silver go with nearly everything, its uniquely cool tone adds an icy hint of...
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  • The perfect addition
    The perfect addition - VANNA

    VANNA timepieces are known for their unique ability to combine the concepts of jewelry and watch into an entirely new creation. Building on one of the best features of a...
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  • Meet Claire - a fresh take on classic
    Meet Claire - a fresh take on classic - VANNA

    What makes a classic? Sophisticated simplicity? Authentic materials? A timeless aesthetic? Claire's got all of those qualities and more.  Inspired by Claude Debussy's captivating opus Clair De Lune, Claire's design...
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  • Which watch to wear with neutrals
    Which watch to wear with neutrals - VANNA

    Neutrals are an evergreen choice for those who enjoy relaxed, classic style. Known for their calm, soothing qualities, neutral colors are an easy way to look timelessly chic. Of course,...
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  • Stunning Sandstone
    Stunning Sandstone - VANNA

    Find celestial inspiration from the depths of the earth with a shimmering sandstone watch from VANNA. Sandstone is a sedentary rock primarily made up of silicate grains - these tiny...
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  • Marvelous Mother of Pearl
    Marvelous Mother of Pearl - VANNA

    We’ve always found inspiration in the natural world. In both our designs and the material we choose to include in our watches. It’s safe to say we’ve been enamored of...
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  • Meet Eclipse - roundly unique
    Meet Eclipse - roundly unique - VANNA

    Few natural phenomena have entranced and inspired humanity more than the eclipse. Here two heavenly bodies engage in a dance of light and shadow creating a magical moment full of...
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  • The Perfect Night Out
    The Perfect Night Out - VANNA

    Who doesn’t enjoy a night out on the town? Whether you’re going to a cozy dinner or an extravagant gala, having the perfect outfit is essential…and of course, the perfect...
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  • What's in a strap?
    What's in a strap? - VANNA

    Every watch is a sum of many different parts. It only makes sense that a watch’s face gets the most attention - it’s the part of a watch you look...
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  • Details, details, details
    Details, details, details - VANNA

    At VANNA, our goal is to create watches that exceed our customer’s expectations. We combine meticulous attention to detail and fine craftsmanship with truly attainable pricing so that everyone can...
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  • Lovely Lapis Lazuli
    Lovely Lapis Lazuli - VANNA

    We search far and wide to find the most interesting, meaningful gemstones. Let's explore why we love Lapis Lazuli so much.This textured blue gemstone has been known for centuries to...
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